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Grocery Store Robbery
The Dance (in 1947)
BIG Christmas
Dani's Death
Evil Robots
The Proposal
Anime Takes Over Eureka
Fortune Teller
The Judge's Date

Shadowhunters - 40 episodes
Director, Executive Producer

The Originals - 66 episodes
Director, Co-Executive Producer

Alphas - 13 episodes
Writer, Director, Co-Executive Producer

Eureka - 52 episodes
Writer, Director, Co-Executive Producer

Painkiller Jane - 22 episodes
Director, Consulting Producer

The Outer Limits - 22 episodes
Writer, Director, Executive Producer

Higher Ground - 22 episodes
Creator, Writer, Director, Executive Producer

Out of the Blue - 22 episodes
Creator, Writer, Director

Decoys - Feature
Writer, Director

The Unsaid - Feature

Bloodsuckers - 2 Hour Pilot
Writer, Director, Executive Producer

Engaged To Kill - MOW
Writer, Director, Executive Producer

Falcon Beach - 26 episodes
Writer (Pilot)

Drop Dead Diva

Flash Gordon

The Troop

Vampire High

Warehouse 13


Currently the Executive Producer/Director of the 2nd season of SHADOWHUNTERS (based on the New York Times best selling book series), Matt was brought on to re-boot and re-imagine this 20 episode franchise from the ground up for FreeForm and Netflix. Along with his Executive Producing duties, he is directing 5 episodes including the Season 2 Premiere and two-part Finale.

Matt recently completed 66 episodes as Co-Executive Producer/Director of The CW's hit series THE ORIGINALS where he directed 10 episodes.

THE ORIGINALS gig was directly on the heels of 13 episodes of SyFy's ALPHAS (Starring Academy Award Nominee David Strathairn) where Matt was Co-EP and Writer. He directed a number of episodes including Season 2 premiere & season finale.

This job follows a four-year stint as Writer/Director/Co-Executive Producer on the hit TV series EUREKA, where Matt came to this unique small town fresh from similar duty on Sy-Fy’s Painkiller Jane. His experience is full and varied, running from Executive Producer and Director, to Creator and Composer on a long list of successful television series.

As Executive Producer, Hastings took the reigns for the seventh season of THE OUTER LIMITS and won a Prism Award for his directing work on the series. He also created and executive produced the acclaimed Lionsgate television series HIGHER GROUND, which starred Hayden Christensen (STAR WARS, SHATTERED GLASS), AJ Cook (CRIMINAL MINDS) Jewel Staite (SERENITY, THE LA COMPLEX) and Meghan Ory (ONCE UPON A TIME, INTELLIGENCE). Hastings wrote and directed a number of the 22 episodes, as well as co-wrote the theme song. Additionally, he was the creator of Tribune's first-run dramedy series, OUT OF THE BLUE, starring an entire cast of bi- lingual actors who did alternate takes in English and Spanish for international distribution.

In late 2006, Hastings served as Executive Producer and Director on the thriller ENGAGED TO KILL, starring Maria Del Mar (TERMINAL CITY), Katharine Isabelle (GINGER SNAPS) and Amanda Tapping (STARGATE).

In 2005, he executive produced, directed and co-composed BLOODSUCKERS, starring Michael Ironside and Joe Lando, a Lionsgate/SCI FI 2-hour backdoor pilot based on his script.

In 2004, Hastings wrote and directed the feature Decoys, starring Corey Sevier and Richard Burgi (DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES) for Sony. The film was such a success in the global DVD market that it has spawned a sequel and a TV series is in the works. Just a few years earlier, Hastings was a producer of the critically acclaimed independent thriller THE UNSAID, starring Andy Garcia and Teri Polo, written by Chris Murphey (KARATE KID, BODY OF PROOF).

Hastings has a number of pilots and features currently in development which he is attached to Executive Produce/Write and/or Direct.

Born in New York and raised in New England, Hastings is a dual citizen of US/Canada and spends time in Los Angeles, Toronto, Manhattan, Atlanta and Vancouver with his screenwriter wife Tina, their son Grayson and their newest addition Cricket June.

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